BIA - Blowup Internet Accounting


Do you have a business?
Have an Internet access?
Want to sell it to your customers?

Here is the solution!

BIA is a service from BlowUP Technologies Inc that remotely controls your wireless equipment (wi-fi router) with pre-configured parameters, allowing or denying your connected customers to access the Internet through your network!
You set up a profile for each of your customers and the system will control him/her access to the Internet with a password until the time or credits end.

NO software installation is necessary!
NO computer required!
Simply contract an Internet service, buy a wi-fi router and start selling tickets!
The activation is instantaneous!

Request a contact by email for a demonstration of our services.
All configuration can be done by yourself!
Pricing starting at US$60 /mo!

For more information, please call +5511 37173830

Skype: blowupkiosk